The reason I became a member of the Arkansas Nurses Association (ARNA), is multi-faceted.  I believe it is extremely important to be a part of the state professional organization.  Many state and local policies, both positive and negative, are a direct result of membership engagement.  On many occasions, I have phoned the ARNA office to get professional advice and/or council.  I have talked to ARNA about practice guidelines, scope of practice, decision-making, and assignment refusal versus patient abandonment, licensure and continuing education.  In a sense, ARNA has been my lifeline for professional advice and support. ARNA advocates on behalf of both, patients and nurses.

I have personal reasons as well for being an ARNA member. I enjoy the networking and team building. I like staying abreast with the most up-to-date state nursing information, for example, nursing events. Like most nurses, I consider myself a life-long learner. I love receiving the ARNA journal in the mail. ARNA provides me with the opportunity to give back by volunteering my time and sharing my knowledge and experience with others. To realize the full value of ARNA membership, you would have to personally experience it.