Becoming A Nurse

During the happiest, saddest and most challenging times, a nurse is at your side.

Imagine… the birth of a child, the resuscitation of a trauma victim or the death of a loved one…  once-in-a-lifetime events for most, but everyday occurrences for nurses.

Now imagine… you, a nurse, holding a premature baby in the palm of your hand, holding a beating heart during open-heart surgery or holding the frail hand of a dying elderly man as he takes his last breath.

Liability Insurance

Although you may be covered under the liability policy of your employer, you cannot assume that their policy will provide you adequate protection. Hospital liability policies are meant to protect the hospital. Only with a personal policy can you be certain that your interests will be protected if you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit or face a complaint against your license with the Board of Nursing.

Helpful Links

Links to external sites and resources that you may find helpful in the nursing practice.

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