ARNA CORE VALUES: The Profession, the Nurse, and the Consumer

The Profession: Nursing Education, Practice and Excellence

  • ARNA advocates for quality nursing education programs to prepare individuals to practice in various nursing roles.
  • ARNA supports advanced formal education and credentialing to enhance professional growth and development.
  • ARNA promotes lifelong learning by providing continuing nursing education activities to ensure competence, knowledge enhancement and excellence in practice.
  • ARNA adheres to the professions’ established standards, code of ethics and professional nursing regulatory requirements.

The Professional Nurse:

  • ARNA believes in the value of nurses as professionals, and that they are essential healthcare providers and decision makers.
  • ARNA believes that nurses have the unique ability to provide holistic care across the lifespan in all practice settings.
  • ARNA advocates and works for improved work environments to protect and support the nurse in every employment setting.
  • ARNA encourages nurses to collaborate with other healthcare providers to effect comprehensive, quality patient care.

Consumer: Health Care and Public Policy

  • ARNA believes in the intrinsic worth of each individual and their basic right to adequate health care.
  • ARNA believes that nurses interact with patients and families more than any other healthcare provider, and therefore comprehend their healthcare needs.
  • ARNA advocates for patients, clients and families, to support their ability to receive healthcare services across the lifespan, in their own homes and in their own communities.
  • ARNA has the moral responsibility to form public policies related to the health and welfare of Arkansans and Arkansas nurses, by virtue of its core values and its essence as an organization.