Committee and Council Leadership Commitment Form

ARNA would like to extend an invitation to all ARNA members to submit their name as a candidate for eligible positions on the following committees and councils. If you wish to serve on the ARNA Membership Assembly Planning Council, the Bylaws Committee, Health Policy Committee, the Practice Council or Membership Council, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.


Section 1. Definition

There shall be Standing Committees of ARNA as follows: Bylaws and Health Policy

Section 2. Committee Appointments and Composition

Each standing committee shall be composed of at least three members, one of which is the chair. The chair shall be appointed by the president and approved by the board of directors, except the committee on nominations, which shall be elected by the ARNA membership.

Section 3. Accountability

a. Standing committees of Bylaws shall be accountable to the ARNA Membership Assembly and shall report to the Board of Directors.
b. Other standing committees shall be accountable to the board of directors and shall report to the Membership Assembly.
c. All ARNA standing committees shall adhere to ARNA policy and procedures regarding committee activities and communications.

Section 4. Quorum

A majority of committee members and the chair shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5. Terms of Office

a. Members of standing committees shall serve at least a one-year term and shall serve until their successors are appointed

Section 6. Responsibilities

a. Committee on Bylaws shall:

      1. interpret these bylaws
      2. review the ARNA Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation annually, and recommend corrections or amendments;
      3. prepare proposed amendments to these bylaws or articles of incorporation, report them to the ARNA Board of Directors, submit to ANA Bylaws committee and upon approval submit them to the Membership Assembly.;

b. The Committee on Health Policy shall:

      1. recommend a health policy program to the board of directors;
      2. implement the health policy program adopted by the board of directors; and
      3. monitor trends and developments in legislative and governmental areas as they relate to local,
        state, or national health policy.


Section 1. Definition

Councils are organizational units through which members of ARNA may improve their professional practice and development within a specific clinical or functional area. Each council shall be accountable to the ARNA Board of
Directors, shall report to the ARNA Membership Assembly, and shall act in accordance with the polices and bylaws of ARNA.

Section 2. Council Appointments

a. Each ARNA council shall be composed of self selected members.
b. Chairs of each council shall be elected by the council members.
c. Members of each council must hold ARNA membership.

Section 3. Responsibilities

Each council shall:

a. provide a forum for collaboration and interaction for professional growth;
b. provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues and concerns;
c. plan a program of continuing education;
d. serve as a resource for consultation and expertise;
e. promote adherence to standards of nursing practice and ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses;
f. maintain communication with other councils and units of ARNA, and with related professional and community
groups on matters of mutual concerns;
g. stimulate research in its area of practice, provide forums for reporting and discussion of significant findings,
and disseminate information to improve practice;
h. contribute to the overall well-being of ARNA; and.
i. adhere to ARNA policies and procedures regarding council communications and activities.


Work in collaboration with the ARNA State Director and Professional Development Director to plan, coordinate and implement the annual ARNA Fall Conference and Membership Assembly.



All participating leaders must complete this form to serve on a committee within the Arkansas Nurses Association (ARNA). Candidates must be a current ARNA member in good standing to serve (any other specific requirements will be listed in the committee description or requested upon receipt of your commitment form). Submission of this form indicates that you understand the duties and responsibilities of the committee for which you are submitting your name. If selected, you agree to fulfill the duties to the best of your ability.

By submitting this form, I am committing to:

  • Provide leadership in line with ARNA’s Vision, Mission, and Purpose;
  • Be accountable to ARNA members – communicate honestly and transparently; and
  • Fulfill the duties of the position and participate when requested