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Dear Colleagues,

This message is an immediate Call to Action and an update of our APRN legislative efforts…and what you can do to help!


As many of you may already know, HB 1254 was filed yesterday by Representative Stephen Magie (D – District 72) to move APRN regulation from the Arkansas State Board of Nursing to the Arkansas Board of Medicine.We found out this morning that the bill was scheduled to be heard by the House Public Health Welfare and Labor Committee today (January 24, 2017), but fortunately it was delayed. This bill could be acted on any day, so please respond to this Call to Action right away!

What You Need to Do… Ask your Representative to OPPOSE this bill

1.      Go to www.nursesforarkansas.com

2.      Click on the Take Action tab

3.      Click on the Take Action button in right lower corner of the black box

4.      Review the preformatted letter and edit if you wish to personalize it

5.      Sign the letter and create a profile by entering your address and other information

6.      Click Send Message (your message will be sent to your Representative based on your address)

7.      THEN…Write or call the other members of the House Public Health, Welfare, & Labor Committee and          ask them to oppose HB 1254 (see attached list and talking points)

8.      Share this information with at least five of your colleagues and on social media!


The APRN bills (HB 1180, HB 1181, HB 1182, HB 1186) were all filed by our Legislative Champions and will be heard before the House Public Health, Welfare, & Labor (PHWL) Committee the week of February 13th...BUT we need to get busy NOW in order to reach all the legislators. Go to www.nursesforarkansas.com to learn about the specific bills, to communicate with legislators via Voter Voice, and to keep updated about the legislative session daily. We are optimistic of passing the House bills out of the committee, and then they will go right on to the full House, Senate Public Health, and Senate--and it could all be done by end of the month...

What You Need to Do:

1.      Make contact with your representatives and senators. It is imperative for them to hear from YOU now. There is no one better than you to speak with them about your practice, and how these bills could help you. Phone calls or face to face meetings are the most effective, but we now have access to Voter Voice on the Nurses for Arkansas website for communicating with legislators quickly using prewritten, editable messages. 

  •          What works well

o   Make an outreach phone call initially.  

o   If you must leave a message just tell him/her who you are, why you are calling--mention that you live in their district.  Offer to meet up or speak on the phone. 

o   Say you would like to talk about the bills that are about advanced practice nurses and improving access to care.

o   Use the Nurses for Arkansas website and the Nurses4Arkansas Facebook page to stay updated daily.

2.      Look for your legislators on Facebook, and friend them, too. 

3.      Report back to us who you contacted and provide us with an idea of how you feel your communication was received. A short survey has been set up to help us gather the results of the legislator communications. Please fill out the survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BMLQC2B).



Webpage:      www.nursesforarkansas.com

Facebook:     Nurses4Arkansas (https://www.facebook.com/Nurses4Arkansas

Mobile APP:     LobbyUp (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lobbyup-legislative-directory/id389295969?mt=8#)    

Download the free app -  It allows you to have legislators contact info at your fingertips (all of them).  And you can search for bills on it.  If you are in your home district at the moment, you can hit "my legislators" and it will bring up your own 2 legislators!!  Pretty cool.  It is specific for Arkansas. 

Thank You! Together, we can make good things happen for Arkansas!​​